A downloadable game for Windows

Dear players,

This game was made for the game jam/hackathon in Montréal "Ludifier la ville" 10 to 12 febuary 2017.

Please help us save the city Montréal, which in grave danger of being annihilated by an evil inter-dimensional rampaging ogre. In this great adventure, play the role of a shining knight.

But here is the catch: in order to combat you must use gym machines, such as a bench press, a stationary bike, stairmaster, rowing machine, etc.

The more players are using the machines, the more strentgh the knight has. So be sure to invite your friend to play and do a nive bit of workout!

p.s: the zip contains the github repository, a brief text presenting the project, and a build.

kind regards,

The MonsterGym team.


MonsterGym.zip 17 MB